Abiola Trying To Make Things Right in the African Musical Arena 


Abiola is the most successful African owner and entrepreneur, and he left New York and the best of his career at Wall Street, and then he returned to his hometown, Lagos, in Nigeria. He has been the publisher and the CEO of the musical company of OkayAfrica and even OkayPlayer. These are digital platforms that he joined just at the age of 31. He has a dedicated business in the field of African music and the rest of the musical entertainment. He has much encouraged the fields of culture, entertainment, and film. The contribution of Abiola is quite remarkable, and you have much to know about this African stalwart of perfect quality.

Contribution of Abiola

He is the person with the name of Abiola Oke, and he has launched the African pan brand. He also led the advertising campaign that will help celebrate the achievements and the talent of the talented and aspiring African youths. He has acted rightly in brightening the image of New Africa to the rest of the world. The campaign of Abiola will also help to feature the original and the authentic musical videos being produced by the Kenyan musician and more of the contemporary and inspired African club electronic music.

Musical Tribute of Abiola 

Abiola has always tried to pay tribute to the new era of the African disrupters who are sure to make their mark in global music. He has been traveling in various parts of Africa and the rest of the world, stating the specialty of African musical fashion. He has also acted as the initiator in encouraging African art and literature, with all the specialties reflecting the richness of the place. The campaign of Abiola helps in celebrating the African cultural renaissance. He is also known to produce musical short films with the right knowledge and encouragement.

Taking African Music Abroad 

Abiola is sure to be poised as the African cultural ambassador for Africa and the rest of the world. Abiola shares the unique passion for creating global musical exposure, and he has been the perfect influencer in the local personal journeys of African art and music. Abiola has always tried to discover what it means to be like home. He thinks that it is not easy to ignore the African youths’ talent and musical inclination in all aspects of art, music, and fashion.

Global African Musical Identification 

It has been the right initiative of Abiola Oke to help in the right identification of African music. He has also been a notable African lecturer and what he said was sure to encourage the African mass. Abiola goes beyond the African boundary, brings Africa to the limelight, and makes people aware of African specialty music. He has taken several interviews with American actors, actresses, and film music makers and inculcates the specialty of African musical delight. Recently, Abiola has been given the allegation for his misbehavior, and he has been made to resign from the post of CEO.