An updated review of CFD broker ADSS


ADSS (ADS Securities) is a MENA broker that is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and has clients worldwide. ADSS was established in Abu Dhabi in 2011. Today, it has several locations globally, including Hong Kong, London, and Singapore. It is regulated and licensed in all the regions it operates, by various financial regulators such as the SCA (UAE), the SFC (Hong Kong), the FCA (UK) and the MAS (SG). The award-winning CFD broker serves a mix of individual retail and institutional traders and investors, and it has a robust trading infrastructure that caters to traders of all skill and experience levels.

This is an updated review of the CFD broker ADSS. It will contain our findings on its product offering, account types and demo account conditions, trading platform, and fee structure and charges. If you are looking for a new broker to start working with, read the below review to learn more about ADSS and their offerings so that you can make an informed decision.


Before looking at the details, here is some key information about ADSS summed up:

  • Over 1,000 tradable assets including forex, equities, indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and commodities
  • Regulated by the SCA (UAE), the SFC (Hong Kong), the FCA (United Kingdom), and the MAS (Singapore) and compliant with local laws
  • Competitive spreads and fees for all traders
  • No commission on all executed trades
  • Deep liquidity for low latency trade execution with minimal slippage
  • Access to proprietary trading platform or MT4
  • Compatible with third-party trading tools on trading platforms with advanced Autochartist analysis
  • Attractive affiliate programme for brokers looking to use IB and Money Manager services
  • Free demo accounts
  • Dedicated and responsive customer support team


ADSS has a solid offering of CFDs on over 1,000 instruments, including forex, indices, equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and bonds.

Traders can participate in trading highly liquid major and minor forex pairs, as well as exotic pairs that are available upon request. There is a total of 60 FX pairs available for traders to choose from, and trading is commission-free. Forex leverage is available up to 500:1.

Traders can also take part in index CFD trading and speculate on price movements of the most popular indices around the world, including the DIJA, the FTSE, the NASDAQ, and the DAX. Traders can capitalise on volatile markets and gain exposure to popular markets with little effort, and the broker does not charge commissions on CFD trades either. Leverage is available up to 333:1.

For equity traders, they will find a large selection of stocks and shares available for trading across sectors, such as technology, finance, healthcare, and communication. Traders will be able to trade with leverage of up to 20:1, and tick sizes ranging from 0.01 to 1 point. As ADSS is a MENA-based broker, there is also a wide selection of Middle Eastern equities available for trading, covering some of the largest names in the GCC region.

Those interested in commodities can trade CFDs on gold, silver, coffee, coffee, natural gas, and more, with leverage of up to 200:1 and no commissions on their trades. They can also trade commodity futures and commodity-linked ETFs per whole tick movement.

Finally, ADSS offers cryptocurrency CFD trading among instruments including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Traders can utilise leverage of up to 4:1.


ADSS offers three tiers of live accounts, the Classic, Elite, and Elite+, with minimum deposit requirements beginning at $100, which makes it incredibly scalable. Traders with all three tiers of accounts can trade with leverage of up to 500:1 on global markets.

The Classic live account can be opened with a $100 deposit, and traders can trade with competitive market spreads and 24/5 customer support. The Elite live account can be opened with a $100,000 deposit with 25% lower spreads, while the Elite + account can be opened with a $250,000 deposit with ultra-low spreads. Elite and Elite+ live account holders will also be assigned a dedicated senior manager or sales trader (for Elite+), and multi-base currency in accounts.

The unique feature ADSS offers lies in its fast and convenient account funding. UAE residents that open live accounts with ADSS can use UAEPGS, the transfer payment gateway from the Central Bank of the UAE. This allows traders to transfer funds through a single integration. Depending on the account holder, there may be a maximum transaction limit per day and per month. Other traders outside of the UAE can fund their account through bank wire transfer, credit card, or digital payment platforms like Skrill, Neteller, Cash U, and Samsung and Apple Pay.

ADSS also offers traders a demo account to practise trading with. This account is hosted on MT4, and it is free of charge for those registered with the broker. Demo traders will receive a demo account with $50,000 of simulated funds, and they can access live markets on mobile, desktop, or tablet. They will also be able to place simulated trades on a wide range of markets and currency pairs.


The broker offers two trading platforms: their bespoke ADSS trading platform and MT4. Those who wish to trade with a standard interface – or those that have experience with MetaTrader – can choose to trade on MT4, while those who are eager to explore a robust platform with an equally customisable interface can do so with the ADSS platform. Both platforms support competitive pricing and liquidity with minimal slippage, and traders can receive sufficient support through the ADSS tech support team.


Traders will not be charged a commission on the ADSS and MT4 platforms when trading. There are also no hidden fees. Spreads are competitive, and aside from minimum deposit requirements for each account, traders do not have any non-disclosed fees to upkeep.


Overall, we find that ADSS is a broker that is flexible and versatile for those who want to trade CFDs across a wide range of instruments. It is globally regulated, and it has partnered with a great range of bank and non-bank liquidity providers to streamline trade execution. For traders in the UAE, ADSS is the only broker in the country that offers account funding with UAEPGS, which is a benefit for those who prefer convenience without a compromise of security and quality.