Emirates ID- What It Entails And How It Helps?


By now, it is common knowledge that the Emirates ID is perhaps one of the most important documents for any UAE resident or citizen. Issued by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, this card comes with a 15-digit personal identification number, your biometric data, personal details, and a photograph.

If you are living in UAE, it is crucial that you carry this ID card along with you at all times. Usually, the card can help facilitate both private and government applications and transactions, in addition to smart services and online processing. However, with each passing day, the usability of the ID is bettering itself. The Emirates ID comes with a myriad of uses, like getting a new sim card or a service for your home.

Along with that, you can also use it to open new bank accounts, apply for a driver’s license in Dubai or pay your utility bills. The electronic chip located within the Id can store as many as 32 thousand letters of information. However, some of the more sensitive data is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorised entities.

This allows the card to store all your personal information without the risk of any leaks. The newer cards are now made with polycarbonate, extending their durability. Your card will also come with additional codes definition and fields.

How Can Having An Emirates ID Help?

Now that you know what the Emirates ID can get used for and how it helps ease your day-to-day life, this article will further shed light on some of its advantages of the same.

  • Proof Of Identity:

The most notable and expected benefit of an Emirates ID is how it can be used as proof of identity, especially when you are availing of government services. Encryption also helps protect your identity and keeps identity fraud and theft at bay.

In addition to that, official entities like the Dubai Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority, and Real Estate Regulatory Authority require that you show your Emirates ID for the majority of their services. For instance, the RTA has kiosks all around Dubai from which you can easily renew your vehicle registration and driver’s license. These kiosks also allow you to make fine payments.

  • Travelling:

Another area in which an Emirates Id can come in handy is travelling. As of April 2022, each ID card contains the UAE resident’s Visa status. Residency Visa stamps in passports have been replaced by the new generation of ID cards, in turn making travelling a lot more convenient.

With the ID, airport immigration services have also become more straightforward. You can avail of e-gate services when travelling. With smart gates and an Emirates ID, you can get faster passport control procedures. All you have to do is just scan your card and provide your biometric details to avoid standing in long queues. This also helps save up a lot of space in your passport.

These are two of the most notable benefits of availing of an Emirates ID.