How to Start a Blog for a Small Business


Why should you start a blog for your small business? Well, if you browse the range of different ecommerce blogs out there, you will scarcely find one that doesn’t have a blog. This is because blogs are an incredibly effective way of boosting your business’s reach, really reinforce brand identity and educate your customers – not only about your products or services, but on many other things that could well be interesting and encourage them to return. Starting an ecommerce blog is also a relatively low-cost endeavor.

But of course, writing is a certain discipline, and it is certainly a different discipline to running a business. But the two overlap more than you might think. Blogging, at least in the context of ecommerce, can be considered a form of marketing. To put it another way, if you have a genuine passion about what your business is selling, then being a terrific wordsmith is not necessary. If a blog informs, entertains and, of course, promotes your product, then you will already have satisfied all the criteria for a successful ecommerce blog.

However, this is not to say that there isn’t a specific way of going about an ecommerce blog; it is not quite the same thing as an ordinary blog.

Consistency is Key

Another important thing about e-commerce blog writing is that consistency is perhaps the most important thing. Do not expect results straight away; a blog naturally needs time to accumulate posts, and a blog on an ecommerce site with only one or two posts isn’t going to make much of a difference to business success. In time though, a blog with interesting posts will, more often than not, be shared for reasons other than interest in the product being promoted.

Engaged Media, a company specializing in social media marketing, say that a successful ecommerce blog is one that posts regularly, and which doesn’t focus too much on either the product being promoted, or the specific topic being written about. Rather, a balance needs to be struck between product promotion and passionate writing about the topic. That way, the blog will be both widely appealing (even to people who have little interest in the topic) and be effective promotional material for the product.

A Few Tips for Ecommerce Blogging

With these very important things in mind then, here follows a few handy tips for successful ecommerce blogging:

Draw Attention to Your Knowledge

One of the things you want your blog to achieve is to create a sense in the reader that you are highly knowledgeable about the topic you are writing about and, by extension, about your product. This is a sure way to build customer trust.

Expand on Your Company Culture

A company culture can be defined as a company’s specific way of doing things, and the values which lie behind that. A good ecommerce blog post can tackle any topic but in such a way that really highlights what you believe in. This is a terrific way to foster trust and identification in your company, which will encourage customers to choose you.

Include Keywords

Being an SEO expert is not necessary to have a successful blog but including some useful keywords can do a lot to help new readers find your posts. The key is not to overdo it. One keyword or key phrase (usually related to your product) every thousand words or so should suffice.

Ultimately, the reason you see so many ecommerce sites with blogs is that it works. If your site doesn’t have a blog yet, it’s time to get one – and share it far and wide. features a diverse range of high-quality content across various niches. Readers can find valuable information, inspiration, and entertainment to enrich their lives. Click here.