Product Packaging Design Basics


Product packaging design relates to the production of the outside of a product. This includes options in shape and material as well as vivid images, colors and fonts which are utilized on the outer cover, a case, a tin, a bottle or whatever type of container. In short, it is an extremely useful tool, no doubt about it. But what exactly goes into its production?

One of the most important elements is that the designer must be able to think of appropriate ways to display the product packaging designs. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the cardboard box option, for many products it does not look right, either due to size, shape or color. Similarly, the shape of an object cannot be accurately determined unless some sort of prototype is created – and this is something that product packaging designers have to be skilled in.

The production of cardboard boxes can be an arduous task, as there are numerous options to consider and change the design at every stage. As you would imagine, this means that there is an enormous amount of effort that has to go into the process. The end result of such a process can only really be guaranteed by talented designers who are familiar with the principles of good design, and who are able to work together as a team. Otherwise, the entire product packaging design process could be highly disruptive, to say the least.

The second most important component is the primary packaging itself. This is where the real magic happens. At this point, the designer will need to decide what shape to create, what color to use, whether there should be text or photos and whether there will be enough room for a full range of details. All of these things need to be considered carefully during the design process, because it may require rethinking things at some points. While you may require a full range of details at the end, it is usually better to compromise on some things at the beginning stages in order to ensure that everything works out smoothly.

A third crucial stage of any product packaging design is the ‘fold’. This is where the product is opened up and viewed from several angles. This is perhaps one of the most important stages of the packaging design and involves considering just how customers will open each panel of the cardboard. Once you have thought about this stage of the design carefully, you can then start thinking about whether you want to use a separate flap system in order to keep the details contained within the folds of the cardboard separate from the rest of the design.

The final stage in the product packaging design is often the most exciting; it is the one where you get to show off your concept to others and gauge reactions to your work. This is not the time to be afraid of criticism, as it is very common for us to make mistakes during the designing process and it is these minor mistakes that can cost you dearly if they are pointed out at this stage. Instead of focusing on the criticism, think about what you can do to improve on the areas where you have failed. Remember that in the end your packaging design is something that you will be proud to display and you should aim to do a great job on it.