Questions to Ask When Looking for Cremation Provider


When a loved one passes away several different things are to be considered. The process is often complicated as well as emotionally charged, and it can be difficult to keep all the options of cremation providers straight. To ensure that one is working with the right cremation services Seattle it is important to learn how to choose a professional cremation provider. This article covers all key questions that one needs to ask when looking for cremation services.

Can the provider help understand the price ranges?

Not all cremation services are the same in terms of pricing and packages. Ask the provider to thoroughly explain how the price is charged for the services and what is included within each specified price range. The cremation services Seattle is mandated to provide clear pricing to the customers. Ask a copy of their price list to know what one is going to pay for and if the service provider isn’t able to provide the same then they likely aren’t reputable. Also, ask the provider if a remembrance center is provided by the funeral home to browse urns, caskets, keepsakes, and other personalization items for sale.

Is the customer allowed to tour the crematory?

When coordinating final arrangements with the funeral home as if they have an onsite crematory that can be visited prior to the service. A crematory tour allows the customers to check if all guidelines are being followed by the service provider and also gauge cleanliness. Also, on-site crematories give one an added benefit of a private visitation area which allows family members to say a final goodbye to their loved ones. It also provides a chance to witness the loved one entering the crematory to eliminate the chances of a cremation mix-up.

How will the deceased be taken care of?

It is essential to make sure that the cremation provider explains how the deceased will be taken care of and identified so that the right remains are returned. In case the funeral home outsources their cremation or if one is working with a stand-alone crematory, don’t forget to understand where the deceased will be transferred and also how a chain of custody is ensured by the provider. A reputable and experienced cremation service provider will always tag the deceased with his or her name and date of birth for identification.

Can one hold a gathering before or after the cremation?

Before selecting the cremation provider, consider the type of gathering a family wants to have. The kind of remembrance service one selects will affect the options during the cremation process. For instance, if the family wants to have a funeral service, ask about renting a casket. For a memorial service with cremated remains present, ask the provider if they can provide an area where a service can be held after the cremation.


Not all cremation services Seattle offers what a family is looking for, so it is important to ask the questions up-front to make the right decision. Always consider what the deceased wanted to be as his or her final resting place and then choose the cremation provider accordingly.