The Importance of Local SEO in Digital Marketing Strategies


Let’s say you’re about to begin your laundry business. You have a solid business plan, got financing from Clean Venture, secured a location, all the equipment and staff prepared, and you’re ready to get it up and running!

Once you do, you probably believe you’re set and will just wait for the customers and income to roll in. However, that’s not the case. No matter what business and industry you are under, you need to continue your marketing efforts to ensure that your target market knows who you are and where they can visit you.

An excellent way to get people heading toward your business is through local SEO. But how does that work? Here are reasons why ranking for local keywords can do wonders for your business.

  1. Free Local Advertising

Local advertising is advantageous to any type of business. Local SEO is also a type of local advertising, as it would be seen by your target audience for them to check out what your business is about. The best part is there is no fee!

Local SEO will allow you to put out crucial information about your business and website online, such as your contact details and products offered. As you use the right SEO techniques, your business’ exposure increases online, which will have it known to people around your target area without having to shell out thousands of dollars. Small businesses with a tight marketing budget can enjoy the free local advertising that shows results.

  1. Convert Online Searches to Offline Customers

A survey from Retail Dive shows that 67% of consumers research products online before they would shop for them in physical stores. With 30% of traffic going to sites from the first few results of the search engine page, businesses that appear at the top will benefit greatly.

When focusing on local SEO, your brand has a higher chance of being seen by customers searching for local products your business offers. This will have them more inclined to purchase from you, either online or in real life.

  1. Increase Website Traffic Efficiently

One of the top benefits local SEO offers is that it boosts traffic to your site, increasing invisibility and boosting your sales. Furthermore, it will make your business more recognizable to your local audiences, thus improving its reputation. This is helpful for small and local businesses that want to promote their brand name in a specific location.

  1. Reach Customers Within Your Area

When web users look for specific products and services, they would most likely want or need them in the near future. If you are the business that users will discover from their search results, then you have a chance of gaining their business.

Local SEO will help your business reach local consumers who are most likely needing your product or service right away, which would have you gain more sales and profit.

It’s time to amp up your marketing efforts and go beyond passing out flyers and posting blogs. Start looking into different local SEO strategies now and build your customer base further now.