What to Know About Heavy-Duty Degreasers


If you are looking for an industrial cleaner and degreaser, there are different types to consider. They are effective and economical, and they can help you with the toughest jobs. They are used to clean many items, such as engines, machinery, equipment, floors, and more. They cut through oils and grease, and some can remove tough substances such as tar and asphalt. Take a look at some of the types of degreasers you can buy.

  1. Citrus Degreasers

You can replace your solvent degreaser with a citrus degreaser. It should satisfy both the environmental and safety regulations as well as do a great job. It saves money because it’s highly concentrated, so you use less product. It has low volatile organic compounds and high flashpoints, so you can use less complex solvent control methods.

You can use citrus cleaners to clean parts, surfaces that need to be painted, machines, engines, factory machinery, and more. You can also clean vehicles, as well as floors and other hard surfaces. Citrus cleaners will remove chewing gum, tar, and adhesives. You can make sure that all of your machinery and parts are functional and clean.

  1. Solvent Degreasers

Solvent degreasers are fast-acting degreasers that turn oil, grease, tar, rubber, wax, asphalt, and more into liquid on contact. You need a heavy-duty degreaser because grease and oil are not water soluble. That is why they are difficult to remove. This is also true of many adhesives, glues, and waxes.

You can use a solvent degreaser for different industrial and light engineering sectors. They use powerful surfactants that lift oil and grease off of surfaces so that they can be easily rinsed away.

  1. Water Based Degreasers

This type of degreaser is good for industrial manufacturers, food plants and processing facilities, light aerospace engineering and electronics, to name a few. It can clean expensive equipment and more. This is a safe and effective cleaner and degreaser that can be used for more sensitive items. It is safe for users and won’t harm food processing equipment or expensive parts.

  1. Engine Degreaser

This type of degreaser is used in garages, auto workshops, as well as in engineering. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and you can clean your engine and engine bay without possible damage from a pressure washer. It is fast-acting and saves on labour costs, and it is made with powerful surfactants to lift and remove oil and grease. It has low viscosity, so it can reach areas that are difficult to reach with other products.