Why Gift Vouchers are Effective Marketing Tools


Businesses strive to engage with their customers to retain existing ones and gain new ones. That is why they need to constantly employ an effective loyalty strategy designed to reward customers for their brand loyalty. In turn, this minimises customer loss and leads to customer gains. The best way to make this happen is to use a digital gift in the form of e-vouchers.

How E-vouchers Work

E-vouchers let businesses run reward schemes for their customers online, on their websites, or in e-commerce shops. These virtual certificates can be issued to loyal customers as a reward for any action or a running campaign. Recipients of the codes can redeem them once in the form of discounts or other benefits on an online store. Also, they can give them away as gifts to others.

Using Gift Vouchers as a Marketing Tool

Gift vouchers are easy to set up in a company’s customer management system. They can either provide a monetary value or be used as part of a product package. With gift vouchers, businesses can reach consumers that they typically would not reach. Also, these vouchers are highly targeted and the recipients are motivated to use them. And because they are personal proposals of satisfied customers, they can help build business credibility and reputation. Gift vouchers promote any characteristics that are distinctive in a business, letting the latter stand out from its competitors.

How E-Vouchers can Benefit Customers

Gift vouchers deliver great benefits to customers including the following:

  • Customers can use online vouchers at any time within the period of validity. Also, they can pick from a range of experiences or inside a certain budget, depending on the kind of voucher they got.
  • Ease of choosing. Customers can buy effortlessly online with just a few clicks, making the acquisition possible wherever they are. Gift vouchers are gifts that can travel beyond boundaries.

Vouchers also help brands increase revenue by encouraging customers to spend more. Studies claim that shoppers are likely to spend more if they know they are getting a great deal out of it. In an era where competition is quite high, consumers know they can afford to be choosy. They tend to hold out for great deals and will ignore brands that are not going to give them. So, retailers that want to boost their sales and gain more customers should give them what they want. For an effective voucher campaign, they must provide unique promotions that make customers feel like they are getting exclusive and rare deals.